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The problem

During the last century there has been a drastic increase in deforestation around the world propelled by the need for wood and land. In the last 60 years humans have cut down around half of the worlds remaining forests. Right now only 8 million square Km remain – roughly 6% of the Earth’s surface.

The solution

Inkkas was founded as an organisation with biggers goals than just to make profit. The company established itself in the principles of fair trade, honesty and social awareness. Due to the growing danger of deforestation Inkkas wanted to make a diference and created the project OneShoeOneTree ™.

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What is the OneShoeOneTree™ project?

As part of the OneShoeOneTree ™ project, Inkkas is helping to reestablish  forests around the world by planting one tree for every pair of shoes sold. Inkkas hopes that this project will help in the regeneration of the worstly affected regions. Trees also supply food and fuel to local populations and Inkkas looks to actively engage in this social project.

How does it work?

In partneship with Trees For The Future, the award winning not for profit organisation, Inkkas plants one new tree for every product it sells. Each tree has multiple uses, including – reforestation, better soil quality, nourishment for humans and animals alike, and eventually also wood. Since established in 1989, Trees For The Future has helped thousands of communities in planting over 1 million trees in 19 different countries. Join Inkkas and Trees For The Future. We strive to make the world a better place.

Comercio Justo Inkkas
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